The Ashram's aspirations

Mandala Yoga Ashram aspires, as much as is humanly possible, to present its teachings without dogma, narrow-mindedness and rigidity. It has an open-ended attitude towards spirituality. Though its main teaching is yoga, it presents yoga without the need for blind belief or unquestioning acceptance of some ‘ism’.

The aim of an ashram is to encourage and support those who wish to go deeper in their practice and to find meaning in their lives. Specifically, Mandala Yoga Ashram is a place to:

  • learn and deepen our practice and understanding of yoga
  • have a break from the incessant demands of daily life
  • improve our capacity to function in work and play (that is, Karma Yoga)
  • gain insight those aspects of our lives or our personality which are bringing unhappiness; and to find ways of overcoming these blockages.
  • to deepen our understanding and gain insight into the mystery of Being-existence
  • realise our spiritual potential