Supporting the Ashram

Ways to Support the Ashram

Monetary donations can be easily made by following this link via the Donate page

Other ways to support the Ashram are:

• Join the ‘Friends of the Ashram’ to contribute a set sum every month or year. Receive benefits such as discounts on certain courses.

• Join the ‘Ashram Network’ where you can volunteer any spare time and skills to enhance the Ashram experience – karma yoga from home!

• Use ‘Everyclick’ to contribute to the Ashram every time you shop from Amazon. Shopping through ‘Everyclick’ ensures a small percentage of the price paid to Amazon will be donated back to the Ashram. Follow to register.

• Sponsor a specific project - such as new buildings or essential renovations

• Share us online

• Fundraise for us!

• Give our newsletter to fellow Yogis

We rely on the generosity, time and energy that our supporters give us to make the Ashram all it can be. We thank you kindly for anything you can offer.