Purpose of the Ashram Courses

Swami Krishnapremananda outlines the core purpose of the residential courses/ retreats offered each year at Mandala Yoga Ashram.

The purpose of yoga is to gradually refine the functioning and understanding of the body/ mind individuality. This brings an ever deepening integration (yoga in Sanskrit means ‘to yoke’) of the many different aspects of self, which would otherwise chaotically pull us in different directions like wild horses. As physical, emotional and psychological blockages are released, the energy body flows more freely inducing a greater sense of harmony and serenity. Implicit within this process is the illumination, acceptance and transformation of the darker or hidden parts of our embodied nature. Such integration enhances the quality of our life, and awakens innate happiness, clarity and joy from within.

Yet however beautiful our individual house can become through such sincere yoga practice, we may still hear the calling to step outside into the wide open spaces of our true nature. To stop only at the integration of the embodied self would be to miss the ever-expanding inner horizons that are possible through the intent to go yet deeper. Another meaning of ‘yoga’ is to unite the personal self with the Universal, thereby revealing the innate Source of wisdom, compassion and true freedom that lie beyond, and yet flows through, the personal.

The Ashram courses that are offered each year cover both these aspects – practical teachings to improve the quality of our embodied life and also esoteric teachings to catalyse a deeper surrendering to, or reflection upon, the sacred Mystery that lies eternally present within each moment.