Testimonials from the 2015-17 YTTC

Below are some of the testimonials we received from graduates of the previous Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Ashram.

'I am so glad that I undertook the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Mandala Ashram. The time had come in my life when it seemed naturally right to deepen my yoga journey and upon looking around, the course at Mandala Ashram seemed to offer the richest, most comprehensive and authentic training in the country. The universe conspired such that Mandala Ashram were just taking on another cohort of students at the time, and I knew that another YTTC wouldn't start there again for another few years, so I took the plunge! I certainly had my misgivings before the course started, in particular I was worried how I would find Ashram life, as I am used to much private, personal space at home. I needn't have worried of course, my fellow students were possibly the nicest bunch of people I've ever had the fortune to meet, and I soon got accustomed to Ashram living, particularly in the second year during which I began to feel even more at home. The teachings at the Ashram are excellent and the course had a well-balanced and knowledgeable tutor team. I was drawn to this course because it explores the yoga tradition in all of its myriad aspects, not overly focusing on the physical practices of Hatha yoga, and we got the chance to really experience Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and all kinds of other strands of the rich tapestry that is yoga. Let's be clear, this course is not an easy ride, but you finish the course feeling like you have explored and experienced traditional yogic practices at a very deep level, confident and ready to teach (and yet knowing that there is still much more to learn!) I don't regret choosing Mandala Ashram's YTTC above all of the other ones now being peddled on the yoga market, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who really cares about deepening their own spiritual development and being able to pass on this incredible treasure that is yoga with real depth and authenticity'.                         Ben Major

'After lots of research, there was simply nowhere else I would have chosen to undertake my yoga teacher training, and I would do it all again if the opportunity arose! Thorough, rooted in tradition and yet always encouraging of personal exploration, the training built on my personal practice to bring the coherence and confidence I needed to allow me to step into the role of a teacher. Supported by a group of tutors from diverse backgrounds, each student is assigned a personal mentor for the duration of the course with whom to discuss anything personal, practical or 'academic' - a real gift. The course is comprehensive, and the work load can be demanding at times, but the Mandala YTTC was, for me, a wonderful, rich and inspiring experience - I highly recommend it'.               Shraddanjali/ Olivia Desborough

'My two years on the Ashram course were truly transformative and fully supportive of me with my journey and passion to be a yoga teacher. The training combined the best elements of spiritual awareness, practical knowledge and understanding, and philosophical guidance on the yoga texts. The daily chanting, karma yoga and beauty surrounding the ashram plus the wonderful food enhanced the learning experience. The high standard of teaching was excellent. The friendships and wonderful memories will stay with me always'.        Susan Hefferman