Ashram Labyrinth- Nemetona

The Ashram grounds gave birth to a new labyrinth this Spring which has been given the name Nemetona.

This Spring in the Ashram saw the birth of a new project; a new labyrinth. Over recent years the Ashram has had two previous labyrinths designed and project managed by Shivapriya and Swami Atma. Nature eventually took them back into her womb, leaving little manifest trace! Over recent weeks we have had the help of willing karma yogis to help make the vision of reinstating it become manifest.

The labyrinth is based on a seed or womb pattern with a single opening and path. It can be used as a powerful tool for meditation. Traditionally labyrinths are associated with Mother Earth and an entrance to the underworld or otherworld; a metaphor for our unconscious or what is yet known.

The outline of the labyrinth can be seen as a symbol of our Kundalini or Shakti energy. The centre can be seen as a metaphor for the Bindu, that which is the doorway to Oneness.

We have called the labyrinth Nemetona which means ‘She of the Sacred Grove’. Nemetona is the Celtic Goddess of sacred grounds and labyrinths, hence the name. The Ashram labyrinth was inaugurated with an invocation to Nemetona to oversee the walking of the labyrinth in July 2019.

When you next visit the ashram you are invited to walk the labyrinth, walking into the centre from the opening, bringing as much awareness as possible to your meditation walk. Pause at the centre... before retracing your way back to the beginning.

We are sure that Nemetona will be a welcome addition to the beautiful ashram grounds, providing a space for guests, ashram team and course participants to open up to the deeper mysteries innate within the labyrinth and the land in which it rests.