Tattwa Shuddhi: Awakening to our Essential Being

Tattwa Shuddhi is a powerful meditation practice that comes to us from Tantra. The aim of Tantra is to expand our perception and thereby liberate us from spiritual ignorance and limitation.

Tutor(s): with Swami Nishchalananda and Swami Satyadaya

Swami Satyadaya will be the main teacher and Swami Nishchalananda will be giving satsangs. Both will be assisted by Swami Krishnapremananda and Tulsi

Tantra teaches us that life presents us with all kinds of experiences and opportunities to awaken to our deepest identity. As such we are encouraged to accept and enjoy life as it is, whilst simultaneously undertaking practice to deepen our perception and understanding of our more fundamental identity. One of these practices is Tattwa Shuddhi, which was evolved by tantric mystics as a means of opening us up to our fullest potential. It is briefly mentioned in some of the tantric texts, but the full practice is always passed on from teacher to student.

The word tattwa means two things: firstly, it is the name given to the different principles or factors which comprise our embodied personality; secondly, it literally means ‘that-ness’ and refers to the Reality which underlies our embodiment. The word shuddhi literally means ‘purification’, but in the context of the practice we can understand the word to mean ‘exploration’. Therefore, Tattwa Shuddhi can be translated as a practice or ‘Exploring the Different Dimensions of our Existence’ to reveal what we are in Essence.

Tattwa Shuddhi is a process of meditation. The scattered and disharmonious facets of the mind are dissolved so that we contact the stillness within – to experience the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’. This breaks down years of encrusted conditioning which constricts our experience of life and prevents us from living life to the full. Tattwa Shuddhi brings clarity of mind, openness and receptivity, allowing us to see the unseeable and realise the unthinkable. It is a means to heal us from spiritual ignorance and mis-identification and open us up to the mystery of our Being.

Course participants will be introduced, step by step, to the different facets and stages of Tattwa Shuddhi. Extended periods will be held in silence and the emphasis will be on deepening your experience through practice.

Further information

This course is suitable for those who have practised Yoga for at least 3 years.

Course information

Wednesday 17 April 2019, 20:00
Monday 22 April 2019, 14:00
with Swami Nishchalananda and Swami Satyadaya
This course is fully booked. Please call the office for availability on 01558685358.