Being Still Here & Now

The enticement of the still and silent space within.

Tutor(s): Maha Sattwa

We live in a busy world filled to the brim with all the various things that shape and colour our everyday lives. Whilst this may give us some level of fulfillment it is invaluable to be able to, at times, step back from it all and come to a place of stillness. 

Our mind constantly tells us countless stories of how and what we should do and who we should be, keeping us locked into an endless cycle of frantically running from pillar to post. Always looking for the next thing to do, we never take the time to stop and simply be.  Endlessly repeating the narratives from our past and spinning new fantasies for the future means that coming to rest in the present moment is very difficult for us. And yet this is exactly what we need to do in order to find balance and real fulfillment in our lives. 
We are all so deeply engrossed with the objects and noise of both the outer world and the inner world of our mind and emotions that we don’t notice or even begin to value the underlying space and stillness that contains them all. When we discover how to step back from the clutter of our lives we find within ourselves a silent space that resounds with tranquility, harmony, clarity, insight and inspiration. The tendency is always to fill an empty space with something, to fill silence with sound, yet this silent inner space can become our place of refuge when we are in need of some respite from the ceaseless stresses and demands of modern life. 
During this course we will explore ways of changing this habitual tendency of our mind to be busy so that it can be redirected to that enticingly silent and spacious place within. Through meditation we start to develop an awareness of both the moods and the processes of the mind. This awareness, in conjunction with the rhythm of mantra chanting, gives us a way out of the scattered and fragmented maze of our mind, enabling us to step into the wide-open spaciousness of a clear mind. As such, this course will focus on meditation, chanting and mouna (periods of silence) supported by other favourite practices such as yoga nidra (deep relaxation), hatha yoga and karma yoga (meditation in action) as a means of connecting to this inner space of silent repose.

Feedback from Maha Sattwa's course last year

I had an amazing experience , it was extremely valuable opportunity to meet like- minded people and get expert tuition.- Anna

A cliché, but it is difficult to put the depth of my experience into words. I have learnt so much about myself, including acceptance of self and others. Thank you to the tutors for their calm, gentle, insightful- and challenging teaching.- Ruth

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Thursday 04 April 2019, 20:00
Sunday 07 April 2019, 14:00
Maha Sattwa
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