Meditation - Gateway to the Unknown

Meditation is the process of calming the mind so that we open to the possibility of realising the essence of our embodied existence. When the activity of the mind ceases, even for a short duration, there is a quantum leap in our identification, the feeling of ‘what I am’, so that we realise what we are on a fundamental level. Swamiji will give a satsang (question & answer session both days). Sw Satyadaya will be the main tutor supported by Tulsi and Maha Sattwa.

Tutor(s): Swami Nishchalananda and Swami Satyadaya, assisted by Tulsi and Maha Sattwa

The state of meditation is inner communion, a movement in from the periphery towards the centre. The practice of meditation gradually releases us from solely identifying with mental chatter, ‘stories’ and imaginations of the mind and to ‘listen’ to that which IS – opening us up to the experience of the state of meditation. Meditation can completely change our attitude to life and our self-identification. During these periods of meditation, even if only a few minutes, we open up to a deep well of joy that carries over into our daily life allowing us to be less stressed, more creative and able to carry out our duties effortlessly.

We will explore the question: ‘What is it that is Aware of our sensory impressions?’ There is far more to what we are than what we have been led to believe through our education and culture. Whatever we perceive – whether outside the body, within the body, or in the mind – is not the deepest source of our Being by the very fact that it can be perceived.  During this course we will use practices that allow us to make peace with the mind as it is, thus allowing a natural settling, combined with others that allow us to question our assumptions of what we think we are. The purpose of this course is to encourage practitioners to go deeper in their practice and experience. 

This online course is open to practitioners wishing to deepen their experience of meditation. 

Further information

The zoom sessions will be at the following times:
Saturday 3rd: 10-11am, 11.30-1pm, 3-4pm, 4.30-5.30pm
Sunday 4th: 7.30-9am, 10-11am, 11.30-1pm, 3-4pm, 4.30-5.30pm all U.K. times

Above image is courtesy of Mike Labrum via unsplash

Course information

Saturday 03 October 2020, 10:00
Sunday 04 October 2020, 17:30
Swami Nishchalananda and Swami Satyadaya, assisted by Tulsi and Maha Sattwa
This course is fully booked. Please call the office for availability on 01558685358.