Yoga for Resilience - Day One

We are living through highly uncertain times. The Covid 19 pandemic has heralded very significant changes and challenges to our normal way of life. It is during such times that our practice of yoga and meditation becomes ever more necessary, acting both as a refuge and a valuable inner resource in fostering resilience, trust, and self-empowerment.

Tutor(s): Swami Krishnapremananda and Swami SatyaDaya

Such resilience allows us to stay open to all aspects of Life and expresses itself as compassion for our own self, and others, even when we find ourselves overwhelmed, at the limit of our capacities. Often the fertile ground of our practice is when we allow ourselves to feel our grief, our sorrow and our confusion that will inevitably arise in life. 

In this course we will explore how we can use simple yoga practices and teachings to:
  • tap into our innate inner energy, resourcefulness, and resilience
  • become more at ease with our vulnerabilities, seeing them as steppingstones towards a more mature self-understanding and acceptance
  • find ways to keep saying 'yes' to life, rather than contracting or withdrawing out of habitual fear or insecurity
  • strengthen our ability to bounce back from adversity, to be more flexible with what IS, and maintain a more positive disposition even when faced with difficulties
  • become more trusting in the natural Intelligence and flow of Life

The 1st of the 4 days on December 12th, will focus on Awakening Energy, exploring yoga practices and attitudes, for different levels of experience, to tap into our inner energy sources. The day will include a focus on working with Manipura chakra/ the naval energy centre with related yoga, pranayama and bandha practices. We all need sufficient reserves of energy to live our lives, and especially so when facing challenges. 

Click here for a short video by Swami Krishnapremananda outlining this course. 

Altogether the course will include 4 interrelated days, which can all be booked individually at £50 each. If you book 3 of the days, the 4th will be free of charge. 

The following three days will have the following themes:

  • January 16th, 2021: Tools when faced with Challenge - sharing simple yoga practices that we can draw on when life throws a curve ball or more in our direction

  • February 13th, 2021: Finding Balance - working with practices that help us maintain a sense of balance in life even when facing challenges

  • March 13th, 2021: Letting go into Life - exploring the value of letting go and trusting in life's agenda, rather than holding on too tightly to our own agenda of 'how life should be.'

For all 4 days, we will be drawing upon yoga practices of asana, pranayama, bandha, yoga nidra, and meditation as well as drawing from key teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. Each day will finish with Satsang - questions and sharing - with the course tutors. 

Further information

This online course will be delivered via zoom, and the session timings are given below:

9.00-10.15am, 10.45-12.15, 12.45-13.15, 15.00-15.40, 16.00-17.00

The course will close for bookings at 5pm the day before the course is due to start. 

Course information

Saturday 12 December 2020, 09:00
Saturday 12 December 2020, 17:00
Swami Krishnapremananda and Swami SatyaDaya

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£50.00 per person
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