Yoga and Resilience

A weekend retreat offering accessible practices of Yoga and Meditation to build resilience in our lives not through rigid defenses but through finding our soft, strong and wild hearts.

Tutor(s): Mukti Mani/ Katy Bergson

This weekend retreat will explore simple yet accessible practices to tune into the wisdom of the heart and cultivate the resilience we need to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life. It will encourage a softening of our normal defenses through gentle movement, easeful breath practices and guided relaxation. 

We will also draw upon the gentle soothing vibration of mantra and the spaciousness we can find in the practice of meditation. Relax into the Ashram's unique energy field and give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with the often-hidden depths of the soft, strong and wild heart that lies within all of us.  

Mukti Mani is a recent team member and graduate teacher from Mandala Yoga Ashram. She works in the NHS as an occupational therapist and has been researching and teaching resilience yoga workshops for the last couple of years. These practices have been embraced by those working in challenging careers such as education, health and social work but are equally relevant to those facing other forms of life stress.  

Course information

Friday 17 April 2020, 20:00
Sunday 19 April 2020, 14:00
Mukti Mani/ Katy Bergson
This course is fully booked. Please call the office for availability on 01558685358.