Discovering your Inner Voice

Great beauty and tranquility lie within us. Yet the ever busy and often tricky nature of the mind prevent us from accessing and revealing this beauty and peacefulness that is our essential nature. The purpose of the spiritual path, and the focus of this retreat, is the ongoing practice of connecting with our inner self - nurturing and empowering it and giving it a voice through the way we live our lives.

Tutor(s): Maha Sattwa

Yoga offers us many tools to help in this process. Meditation allows us to let go into the inner calm - that space where the dissipated mental tendencies recede - and helps us to look within and to recognize our positive qualities. Through chanting and other practices, we can empower these inner qualities, giving us the capacity to stand by what we believe, to have our say, speak our truth and express what lies within. While chanting frees our everyday singing and speaking voice it can also be a portal to that quiet inner voice of knowing that speaks to us of Truth. The voice of this most personal and intimate of companions, whilst often drowned out by the noisy mind, can become our most faithful guide in life if we can hear and trust its wisdom. 

The annual celebration of Guru Purnima - Thanksgiving to the Spiritual Teacher/ Teachings - coincides with this retreat, giving us the opportunity to connect with this timeless guiding energy. 

Above photo is by Andrew Weitzel

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Friday 03 July 2020, 20:00
Sunday 05 July 2020, 14:00
Maha Sattwa

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