The Chakras: An Introduction and Exploration

This online course will explore the timeless paradigm of the chakras – the six subtle energy centres that so influence how we act and interact in our daily lives. The chakras are functioning in each moment of our lives and taken together, encompass and embrace the entire spectrum of our human experience.

Tutor(s): Swami Krishnapremananda and Reva

This online seminar will introduce these six energy centres, exploring their qualities, symbols and purpose through practice and understanding. Although the chakras are functioning in each one of us, they can tend to be blocked and imbalanced. The seminar will explore practices and attitudes which can serve to unblock, harmonise and energise the chakras, thereby deepening our self-understanding quality of energy and skillful interaction in daily life. 

Click here for a short video recording from Swami Krishnaprem outlining the course. 

Refining and balancing the chakras opens us up to our innate potential by deepening our understanding of ourselves and others, as well as enhancing our capacity to act and express ourselves effectively in the world. This not only improves the quality of our life but also awakens us to our fundamental identity.

This online course will bring the chakras alive in your own experience through accessible practices, clear explanations, and a willingness to explore. You will receive a comprehensive handout on the Chakras and the opportunity for ongoing email support following the weekend. 

The Ashram regularly runs longer residential courses on the chakras. This online course stands alone for those wishing to deepen their understanding and practice of the chakras, as well as help prepare those who are interested for such longer in-depth courses in time. 

The sessions will be delivered via zoom at the following times during the weekend:
Saturday 15th: 10-11am, 11.45-12.45, 3-4pm and 4.45-5.45pm
Sunday 16th: 7.30-9am, 10-11am, 11.45-12.45, 3-4pm and 4.45-5.45pm

The weekend is suitable for those of you with at least some yoga experience who are drawn to a practical exploration and overview of the chakras. 

The above image is courtesy of Marta Espeita, and a full set of such Chakra images are available from

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Saturday 15 August 2020, 10:00
Sunday 16 August 2020, 17:45
Swami Krishnapremananda and Reva

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£95.00 per person
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