Pancha Kosha - from the physical to the subtle

This half day online course will explore the yogic paradigm of the Pancha Koshas, the 5 sheaths or envelopes. The Pancha Koshas are a gradual progression from the physical to the most subtle aspects of our embodiment and as well as being a representation of the different stages of meditation. They also constitute the different levels of existence that make up the whole of our being.

Tutor(s): Swami Nishchalananda and Maha Sattwa

The aim of yoga and meditation is to expand our awareness of ourselves out from the often very narrow focus on the physical and mental/emotional to include all of the various aspects our being. Through the paradigm of the pancha koshas we can become aware of and start to identify with the more subtle aspects of ourselves and thereby come to a more wholistic experience of who and what we are.
The course sessions will include an explanation of the Koshas, meditation, asana, yoga nidra and a chance for questions and answers. The sessions, which will be delivered via zoom, will be as follows:
09.15 - 10.30am, 10.45-12.15 and 12.30-13.30 U.K. time

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Course information

Saturday 08 August 2020, 09:15
Saturday 08 August 2020, 13:30
Swami Nishchalananda and Maha Sattwa
This course is fully booked. Please call the office for availability on 01558685358.