Ashram Life Taster Retreat

Have you been practising yoga for a while and are now thinking what the next step may be? This course, specifically designed for those coming to the Ashram for the first time, may be just what you need to go deeper in your practice. You will experience the benefits of spending time in the Ashram and of practising yoga in its unique environment and atmosphere.

Tutor(s): Maha Sattwa and Tulsi

You may have already paddled in the shallows of yoga practice – perhaps practising postures, some breathing, relaxation and so on – but at some point you just need to dive in. This course is for those who are ready to immerse themselves in the deeper aspects of yoga and spiritual life.

It will include an introduction to the different paths of yoga, including hatha yoga (body and breath-based practice), mantra yoga (using sound vibration), karma yoga (the practice  of acting in the present moment with awareness) and  satsang (questions and answers). It will also include an introduction to the practice of meditation, which is invaluable in the deepening of our self-understanding. You will also have time to share with like-minded people and experience the beautiful natural surroundings of the Ashram.

The whole experience will highlight the value of an Ashram in enriching and illuminating your own yogic practice and path. Furthermore, it will offer you a sense of the deeper Mystery that lies innate within each of us. Sincere yoga practice can gift us with a growing, even abiding, connection with this Mystery which holds a key to genuine joy, fulfillment and peace in life.

Course information

Friday 19 March 2021, 20:00
Sunday 21 March 2021, 14:00
Maha Sattwa and Tulsi

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£75.00 per person
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