The Gunas: Finding Balance in Daily Life

The Gunas are the stands of nature that make up all aspects of material existence. The three qualities of tamas (inertia), rajas (activity) and sattwa (harmony) are the threads that constantly interact with each other to affect manifestation and the quality of mind, body and emotions. By understanding the gunas we can begin to understand the different aspects of our Being, and develop tools to overcome challenges to maximise our potential so as to transform every aspect of life.

Tutor(s): Tulsi, assisted by Swami Krishnaprem

In this course we will work with practices that encourage a deeper understanding of the play of the gunas within our daily life and our experience of body, mind and emotions. Through self reflection, sharing and yoga practices we will identify the tools which can encourage a greater sense of balance and harmony. This weekend online course will include the practices of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and chanting sharing practices that you can bring into your daily life.

Further information

The retreat will include online sessions of live online teaching, feedback and sharing via zoom over the weekend. The zoom sessions will be:
Saturday 7.30-9am, 10-11am, 11.30-1pm, 3.00-4.30pm and 4-5.00pm.
Sunday 7.30-9am, 10-11am, 11.30-1pm 

The course will close for bookings at 5pm the day before the course is due to start. 

Course information

Saturday 20 March 2021, 07:30
Sunday 21 March 2021, 13:00
Tulsi, assisted by Swami Krishnaprem

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£95.00 per person
£95.00 per person
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