Pathways to the Goddess - day three

In this series of 4 one day online workshops, we will explore and deepen our connection to the energies of the Goddess/ Shakti. Each day will include a skillful interweaving of asana, meditation, chanting, mantra and yoga nidra under Reva’s experienced guidance. Furthermore, the sessions will offer a nourishing space to share authentically together in sacred circle.

Tutor(s): Reva

In this ongoing time of change and uncertainty, opening to the energies of Shakti can give us renewed trust, connection and purpose. The course will offer accessible pathways and practices through which you will deepen your relationship with Shakti and refine the qualities of the Goddess within yourself and the world around you. Such qualities include the courage to open fully to Life, a trust in the Presence of Shakti in and through all, an easeful acceptance of the ebb and flow of life, a greater flow of abundance and creativity, and an opening to innate insight and wisdom.

Click here for a short introductory video.

Each of the days will be themed around one of the Goddesses from the Yoga/ Tantric tradition – Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. The teachings shared will empower you in establishing and building confidence in your practice to utilize and draw upon these archetypical energies to support you in your daily life.

You are welcome to participate in any of the days, and if you book the first 3 days, you will be eligible for the 4th day free of charge. 

This third day will feature the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi who epitomises generosity, abundance and magnanimity through all the changing facets of life. The more we give to life, the more we are connected to the underlying abundance of life, the timeless energies of Lakshmi.

Following this day, there will be one final day in this series of four on September 19th. This will explore the energies of Goddess Kali, the Goddess of time and death, and the wisdom she offers around letting go, cutting through confusion and stuck habits, and opening to That which transcends both life and death. 

All the four days will be suitable for all levels of experience, and open to both men and women.

Further information

The course will be delivered via zoom and the sessions for the day will be at the following times:
9-10am, 10.30-11.30am, 12-1pm, 2.30-3.30pm and 4-5pm all U.K. times.

All  the sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants  in both video and audio formats. They are offered as a helpful resource following the day, and also for those who need to miss any of the sessions during the day. 

Bookings will close at 5pm the previous day.

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Sunday 15 August 2021, 09:00
Sunday 15 August 2021, 17:00

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£50.00 per person
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