Yoga and the Menopause day one

This online retreat offers women who define themselves as being in the phase of menopause (including preparation for menopause, peri menopause and menopause) a space to honour this profound transition in life.

Tutor(s): Reva

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This first day of two will offer different practices to support this life phase including gentle asanas, meditation, yoga nidra and a sharing circle with an emphasis on exploring the conditioned messages that we have received personally and collectively and welcoming different perspectives and embracing new attitudes, including awareness of both the gifts and the challenges of the different the phases within menopause. As we practice conscious menopause we are more able to embrace the opportunities that arise from this profound transition.

Society seldom recognizes or honours this life stage as a rite of passage for women. As such women have little support, and even understanding, to navigate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that occur to their body, relationships and sense of self during this time. As with the menstrual cycle, bringing increased awareness and understanding to this natural process offers us a map which allows us to navigate this profound life phase more easefully and skillfully. 

Although each women’s journey is unique the retreat will offer a deeper understanding of some of the physical and emotional experiences that can be part of the menopause landscape, along with practices to help manage some of these. 

Drawing from her own depth of experience, Reva will offer insights into the menopause supported by an interweaving of yoga practices including gentle asana, meditation, chanting, mantra and yoga nidra. In addition, there will also be spaces set aside for authentic sharing, exploration and contemplation.

This course will run over two separate days, and while you are encouraged to book for both to gain the full benefit of the course, you can book for just day one or day two if you wish. The two days will offer deep rest, support, spaciousness and nourishment. 

The second day will be on February 26th and will bring a focus on exploring some of the emotional, physical and energetic changes and symptoms that can be experienced during menopause from a holistic perspective including specific yoga, tantric and ayurvedic practices.

Further information

The course will be delivered via zoom and the sessions for both days will be at the following times:
9-10am, 10.30-11.30am, 12-1pm, 2.30-3.30pm and 4-5pm all U.K. times.

All  the sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants  in both video and audio formats. They are offered as a helpful resource following the day, and also for those who need to miss any of the sessions during the day. 

Bookings will close at 5pm the previous day.

The image above is 'The Changing of Seasons' by Tatiana Kiselyova

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Saturday 29 January 2022, 09:00
Saturday 29 January 2022, 17:00

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£50.00 per person
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