Yoga Nidra Training Course

This Yoga Nidra training course is designed for yoga teachers who wish to teach yoga nidra safely and skilfully to their students. All delivered online over 6 training days over a 6 month period, May to November 2022.

Tutor(s): Swami Krishnapremananda and Tulsi

The course dates are: May 28th, June 26th, July 31st, September 17th, October 23rd and November 19th. All the sessions will be recorded and available to course participants subsequently. 

Click here for a short introductory video from Swami Krishnaprem.

Yoga nidra is a very effective practice for releasing tension physically, emotionally and conceptually. It naturally induces the state of relaxation, enabling a deep letting go and thereby a rejuvenation on all  the levels of our Being. It also encourages a meditative awareness and indeed is a powerful tool for cultivating a greater awareness of more subtle inner experiences. 

Yoga nidra was first devised in the 1960s by Swami Satyananda based on his own personal experience and on his knowledge of the classical Tantric practice of Nyasa. It has since been disseminated and taught worldwide in a wide range of yogic, medical and therapy settings because of its profound benefits; it is so much appreciated by those who practise and experience it. The word nidra means ‘sleep’, and so yoga nidra can be defined as the sleep of the yogi, or psychic sleep; a state of pratyahara or sense withdrawal which is a precursor to meditation. 

This  six-month training course will systematically teach the eight classical stages of yoga nidra – opening stages or settling, sankalpa or resolve, rotation of awareness, breath awareness, pairs of opposites, visualisation, sankalpa repeated, and externalisation. Supplementary input will include the use of the voice and appropriate teaching language, and how to teach yoga nidra to different groups of students. At the end of each training day, students will be asked to practice yoga nidra daily*, be given assignments based on the day’s teachings, and be asked to prepare and submit audio recordings. Successful completion of the course - following regular attendance, successful assignments and the completion of a final yoga nidra assessment - will lead to the award of a Mandala Yoga Ashram Yoga Nidra qualification. 

Yoga nidra is a powerful practice; one which needs to be fully understood and skillfully and appropriately taught by the teacher. This training course offers you the chance to undergo this integrated training for the benefit of yourself and all your students. 

Kari van Eden participated in the 2020 Yoga Nidra course. Click here to view her video message. 

Pre-requisites: you need to have suitable experience of yoga, ideally be a qualified yoga teacher with a minimum of 1 years’ experience, with space in your life for daily practice* of yoga nidra, as well as the ongoing course assignments. 

Resources: in addition to the guided input received during the online days and subsequent assessment of your assignments, you will also receive regular  handouts covering different aspects of yoga nidra, plus ongoing mentor support. Furthermore each online session will be recorded and made available to you as a video and audio recording. This will be especially pertinent for those who have pre booked commitments for any of the course dates. 

Course costs: the deposit given above is non refundable. In addition the balance payment of £450 can be paid in one go at the start of the course, or via six bank transfer payments of £75 each on the 10th of June, July, August, September, October and November inclusive. The one additional essential cost is for the £75 Final Assessment which goes directly to the assessor. Potentially this assessment and cost may need to be repeated if the student does not pass the first assessment but is deferred. 

Application Process
: to pursue your interest in this course, kindly click the 'Book Now' button which will take you to an application form that you need to complete (no payment involved at this stage). Following this the tutor team will contact you to confirm whether a place can be offered. If so, you will be sent a link via which you can pay the deposit confirming your place. 

* daily practice of yoga nidra can be a variety of lengths of practice from a short 10 minutes to longer sessions.

Further information

The zoom sessions on each of the teaching days will be at the following times (all U.K. times):
7.30-9am guided yoga class
10-11am yoga nidra input
11.30-12.15 discussion on the above 
1.45-2.45pm guided group work
3.15-4pm yoga nidra practice
4.30-5.30 satsang (question and answer), consolidation and looking forward

Course information

Saturday 28 May 2022, 07:30
Saturday 19 November 2022, 17:30
Swami Krishnapremananda and Tulsi

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£595.00 per person
£145.00 per person
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