Silent Retreat

This weeklong retreat is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself into the practice of mouna, silence.

Tutor(s): with Swami Satyadaya, Swami Krishnaprem and Tulsi

Listen to silence. It has so much to say  

Due to the busy nature of modern life, we are often surrounding my noise and activity in the outside world. Often as intrusive can be the noise within – the constant stream of thoughts and inner dialogue. 

The practice of silence creates the opportunity for the busyness of the mind and emotions to quieten. It allows us to connect with a deeper stillness that underlies all the surface activity. We come to rest in this stillness, allowing a revitalising and refreshing of our energies 

As well as accessing this deep inner nourishment, the practice of silence opens us up to the possibility of insight and the realisation of more fundamental levels of our Being. This silence is itself is the source of inspiration and creativity. By becoming more aware of this stillness we open to the promptings of the heart and intuition. 

Each day will begin with a guided yoga class followed by the collective practice of chanting and meditation. During the meditation we will explore a theme for you to revisit and explore during the day. 

There will be times throughout the day when we gather to sit or practice together, and the practice of karma yoga (selfless service) will also be a part of each day’s experience. There will also be the opportunity for 1:1 guidance/sharing with senior teachers. 

Course information

Sunday 31 July 2022, 19:45
Sunday 07 August 2022, 14:00
with Swami Satyadaya, Swami Krishnaprem and Tulsi
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