Kriya Yoga - The Means of Awakening Energy, Creativity and Insight

This Kriya Yoga course offers the opportunity to learn and assimilate the practices and immense benefits of Kriya Yoga.

Tutor(s): Overall direction: Swami Nishchalananda; Conducted by Swami Krishnapremananda & Tulsi

The course prospectus gives full details of the course, including costs and information on the tutors. The course cost given on this page is for the whole course which includes all teaching, support, accommodation and food for all four seven-day retreats from July 2022 to May 2023.

Click here for a short introductory video from Swami Krishnaprem.

The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to transform the life of the practitioner so that it becomes a continuous expression of joy, meaning and positivity. In brief, it brings about the following changes:

•    slowly whittles away phobias, fears, depression, misconceptions, conditioning and negative patterns which are hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind, so that the mind is harmonised from top to bottom,
•    induces a greater sense of well-being,
•    heightens our level of energy and creativity so that we can do more, but with less tension and more efficiency,
•    awakens insight,
•    opens us up to the mystery of meditation and to the hidden dimensions of our being.

This course offers a rare opportunity to learn, explore and deepen your practice of this ancient system in an Ashram environment. It will be directed towards personal experience, insight and transformation. Full instructions will be given both in theory and in practice.

Kriya Yoga does not demand that you subscribe to any stereotypical belief. It works on transforming energy and awakening; that which already lies dormant within. It is a system of yoga which is very pertinent for the modern era. 

If interested in the course, you are encouraged to read this in-depth article on Kriya Yoga by Swami Nishchalananda.

To optimise the quality of experience for all participants, the numbers will be limited to 20 places only.

Application Process

1. Read the course prospectus.
2. Click the 'book now' button to access the course application form. Complete and then submit it. 
3. Your application will be reviewed and further information may be requested. 
4. You will be informed if a place can be offered, and sent a link through which you can pay the non refundable deposit, which confirms your place.
5. For successful applicants, more information will be sent out prior to the start of the course.
6. The course starts on July 9th 2022. 

Further information

Reminder: as stated above, by clicking the 'book now' button, all that happens is that you access the course application form. 

Course information

Saturday 09 July 2022, 19:45
Saturday 16 July 2022, 14:00
Overall direction: Swami Nishchalananda; Conducted by Swami Krishnapremananda & Tulsi

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£580.00 per person
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