A Celebration of Kirtan

Kirtan, or group chanting of mantra, is a wonderful, simple and accessible tool for uplifting our energies and attaining peace of mind. Kirtan offers a timeless antidote to our busy and complex lives; helping us to reawaken our natural rhythm, joy and sense of connection.

Tutor(s): Yoga Bijananda and senior Ashram tutors

This new Ashram retreat will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the energies of Kirtan, as well as other practices such as yoga classes and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). During the retreat, you will learn different traditional Kirtans and become familiar with the special Kirtan rhythm. You will also be introduced to how to play the harmonium, as well as how to play a simple rhythm on a drum and associated percussion instruments. 

In Kirtan, the rhythm provides the boat, the melody the sails, and the lead singer guides the group to an island of peace. From there our eyes open to a new way of perceiving, our mind is uplifted, and our heart celebrates a new way of being. Having experienced the beauty of this island, it calls to us to return again and again. 

Course information

Thursday 25 August 2022, 20:00
Monday 29 August 2022, 14:00
Yoga Bijananda and senior Ashram tutors
This course is fully booked. Please call the office for availability on 01558685358.