Ashram Temporary Closure

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, and following U.K. Government instructions in response to the pandemic, Mandala Yoga Ashram has now halted its programme of courses and stays until further notice. If you are booked on an up-coming course we will contact you no later than 2 weeks before the course start date to confirm whether it is cancelled or whether, hopefully not too far into the future, the course is running.

For all those who have booked a course or stay that we are forced to cancel, we can offer the following options.

If you are able to donate part, or all, of your deposit to support the Ashram during this time it will be most gratefully received, as the Ashram is facing its own financial losses as a result of this closure.

You can transfer your deposit to another course later in 2020 when the Ashram is able to re-open. We are planning to run some of the courses that we are forced to cancel later in the year.

We can hold your deposit as credit for a course during the 2021. As soon as the calendar for 2021 is released we will be able to reserve your place.

We can refund your deposit in full.

Whilst we can’t currently share with you physically in the Ashram please know that you are all still part of the Ashram family and that we are with you in Spirit. As the old truism says – this too shall pass – and we look forward to welcoming you here once things have settled.

The Ashram is here to share its perennial teachings to help uplift your practice and self-understanding in the service of awakening to our core spiritual identity. In these very unusual times, we recognise that many of you may be facing economic challenges and, as such, we offer you our support through the teachings we share. For others, you may be in a position whereby you can support the Ashram financially during this difficult period. In so doing you will also support all those others who benefit from all the Ashram has to offer. If you wish to donate, kindly see the donation tab at the bottom of this home page.

To unite us during this difficult period, we are conducting the following daily practice:

Daily Morning Practice. In the Ashram at 7.30-8.15 (UK time), or 8.30-9.15 (France; Sweden etc.) we will chant the Gayatri Mantra (27 times) followed by a Meditation. We invite you to join us. This is an opportunity for you to feel connected and supported. The purpose of this chant is to bring illumination and clarity into our own being and into the world around us. We look forward to sharing with you in this way.