Thank you for your wish to donate to the Ashram. Giving from the heart to a spiritual organisation such as the Ashram is a beneficial practice in itself, called Dakshina in Sanskrit. It invokes our innate spirit of generosity which softens and awakens our heart space. Kindly be practical however and only give according to your means. Kindly click here for an article on Dakshina.

The Ashram is a registered U.K. charity which relies on such generosity to continue to offer the priceless teachings of yoga and meditation, and to provide a place where yoga practitioners can deepen their Self-awareness and experience the transformative benefits of Ashram life.

There are three pathways you can use to donate to the Ashram:

1. Join Friends of the Ashram whereby you join many others in offering a modest monthly amount

2. Give a one-off donation of your choice (see below)

3. Add a donation to your course or stay booking or Ashram shop order

We are very grateful for all such donations, and the spirit in which they are offered.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, every £1 you donate will be worth an extra 25p.

To work out whether you pay enough tax to Gift Aid your donation, divide your donation by 4 and check that you pay that amount of tax in the tax year in which you make the donation.

For example, if you donate £100: £100 divided by 4 = £25. So you need to pay at least £25 tax in the tax year in which you make the donation.

If you qualify to donate via Gift Aid, please complete the Mandala Yoga Ashram Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form.

You may either:

  1. Complete the eForm in MS Word or Open Office and email it to us
  2. Print the paper version of the Form, complete it and post it to us.

For full details on Gift Aid contact HMRC or see their website:

Donate via PayPal