Extended stay

Conscious living

An extended time in the Ashram, from one month to a year or more, can be a priceless opportunity to come to know oneself; to stop hiding from ourselves. to stop becoming lost in distractions and inconsequential activities, and open up to who we authentically are. An extended stay is for those who can find some time in their life in which they are relatively free from work and family commitments, and who sincerely aspire to follow the path of self-development, selfless service and inner transformation through yoga and the spiritual path.

Such a stay may not always be overly comfortable, because we start to face the idiosyncrasies of our mind; those aspects of our personality which prevent us from being happy. Ashram life can often be challenging as we come face to face with ourselves, and are encouraged to break through self-limiting concepts of who we are and what we are capable of. Such challenges provide the fuel for authentic awakening, supported and guided by senior practitioners.

An extended Ashram stay will certainly make us stronger and more able to face the challenges of life, both inside and outside the Ashram. Firstly, we start to consciously face the quirks of our personality. Secondly, we are empowered to become more fully alive to life in the moment, able to face and adapt to life with greater self-belief and inner resources. Thirdly, the Ashram and the practice of yoga catalyses a new way of being so that we start to live more and more consciously, rather than live bound by the habitual patterns of mind and body.

Life in the Ashram offers you the chance to live and practice for a period of time within a small group of like-minded people, in a simple natural environment that is rooted in core spiritual values and teachings.

Those who are attracted to this way of life, usually come for a short period as a prelude to a longer subsequent stay. If you are interested in an extended Ashram stay, contact the Ashram's Operations Manager.