Your arrival

Once you're here

Most of the Ashram courses start in the evening; please check the details for your specific course. Please arrive between 3pm and 6pm. If this is not possible, please phone (not email) the Ashram beforehand.

This will give you time to have a drink, settle in, take the opportunity to sit or do personal yoga practice in the Sadhana Hall, enjoy some tranquillity in the garden or go for a walk. There will be a welcome talk before supper at 6.15pm.

If you are arriving by car

Turn left immediately after you come through the gate to park in the car park. If you plan to will arrive or leave after dark, please bring a torch.

To find Reception

Walk towards the main buildings. You will find the Reception on the left hand side of the courtyard.

On arrival

You will be shown around and will need to fill in a registration form and register in the office. Kindly register in the office after your tour.