Ashram Newsletters

The Ashram produces both a full newsletter and also an online mini-newsletter.

Ashram Newsletter

For many years this was sent out by post to around 6,000 people worldwide once a year. Now it is published bi-annually and available via the Ashram website to read, download and share with others. It is free of charge, and contains inspiring articles and details of current Ashram retreats.

Click here to view, and if you wish download, the January - June 2021 Newsletter.

Click here to view, and if you wish download, the January 2020 Newsletter.

The 2021 newsletter above will be the last version of the newsletter sent out by post. From henceforth the newsletter will be published twice a year and available on the Ashram website. If you wish to be informed of the publication of each newsletter, kindly enter your email in the stay in touch/ Subscribe option below.

Online Newsletter - Ashram Inspirations

This is designed to convey the uplifting message of the Ashram in a succinct email form, and often contains an inspirational quote, a short article and up to date news on forthcoming Ashram retreats. It is circulated every 4-6 weeks.

Click here for the latest version. You can subscribe if you wish via the Subscribe button below.