Kriya Yoga Training Course

Kriya Yoga is a sophisticated and practical method of harmonising and refining the natural energies of our being to allow the physical, emotional, etheric and mental energies to be brought into balance. It works directly on the chakras (energy centres) and inner pathways so that we start to become more aware of the subtle energies they represent. The practices make us more fluid and open, enabling us to catalyse energy. The mind begins to resonate like a tuning fork and we open up to insight; this brings about enormous changes in our understanding, perception and behaviour.

Each of us has the possibility of accessing the immense potential that is the very basis of our embodied existence. In yoga, this is known as the kundalini (transformative primal energy). Kriya Yoga opens us up to this potential. Moreover, since each of us is a reflection of the totality, Kriya Yoga allows us to consciously commune with what we are on a fundamental level.

The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to transform the life of the practitioner so that it becomes a continuous expression of joy, meaning and positivity. In brief, it brings about the following changes:

• slowly whittles away phobias, fears, depression, misconceptions, conditioning and negative patterns which are hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind, so that the mind is harmonised from top to bottom

• induces a greater sense of well-being

• heightens our level of energy and creativity so that we can do more, but with less tension and more effectiveness

• awakens insight

• opens us up to the mystery of meditation and to the hidden dimensions of our being

This training offers a rare opportunity to learn, explore and deepen your practice of this ancient system in an ashram environment. It will be directed towards personal experience, insight and transformation. Full instructions will be given both in theory and in practice.

The most recent course was from October 2018 - July 2019 over four installments. Due to delays caused by the coronavirus in 2020, our next Kriya Yoga course will now start in July 2022 and run through to early 2023 with four installments again, and fuller details will be available from the spring of 2021.

Kriya Yoga does not demand that you subscribe to any stereotypical belief. It works on transforming energy and awakening that which already lies dormant within. It is a system of yoga which is very pertinent for the modern era.