Outside seminars with Swami Krishnapremananda

Swami Krishnapremananda is a senior Ashram teacher. He regularly teaches within the Ashram and further afield on many aspects of yoga and meditation, such as Mudras, Bandhas, Chakras, Koshas, Meditation, Pranayama and the yogic texts.

2019 seminars include:

April 13 - Sheffield. The Subtle Path between the Inner Sun and Moon

April 14 - Sheffield. Being Spacious through Meditation and Mindfulness

April 24-30 - Sicily. Teaching for the European Union of Yoga Annual Congress

May 18 - Louth, Lincolnshire. An Introduction to the Chakras

May 19 - Louth, Lincolnshire. Agya and Anahata Chakras, the 3rd eye and heart energy centres

For details of these two Louth seminars, contact Sandra O'Shea on westcorksosw@gmail.com

June 29 - MADYA, Manchester. The Chakras

June 30 - Lancaster. Diving Deeper into Yoga and Meditation

October 5 - Saltburn by Sea. Seminar details announced soon

October 6 - Follifoot, Harrogate. The Bandhas: Awakening and Channeling Energy

November 30 - London. A BWY IST on the Chakras

2020 seminars include:

April 25 - Belfast. Mantra and Meditation

June 13/14 - Stranraer, Scotland. Exploring the Chakras. Details to be announced.

October 3 and 4 - Aberdeen and Fraserburgh, Scotland. Details to be announced.