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Yoga Wake Up - an article by Reva

In the New Year we can feel overwhelmed with many options regarding getting fit and healthy. New Year resolutions and quick fixes can make us feel better for a brief time and are often followed by a dispirited feeling. Through yoga we can make small changes in our daily routine over a prolonged period of time that can make a sustained change to our wellbeing. Here is Reva’s guide to a healthy, feel good start to the day, try adding a couple of steps into your usual routine and then when established introduce a few more.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar- a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (unpasteurised with the ‘mother’) helps to awaken and cleanse the body’s system. The vinegar can help to break down unwanted bacteria and uric acid and is known to have many health benefits including reducing inflammation and blood pressure.

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Yoga and Self Care - an article by Mukti Mani

I’m right in the middle of reading a brilliant book called ‘Your path is everywhere’ by Matt Licata. He encourages those on the spiritual path not to consider themselves as one big never ending ‘self improvement’ project but to be authentic to the full glory of the mess and the magic of our lives.

It is easy to slip down the obsessive healing /fixing/transforming rabbit hole when surrounded by commercial yoga products and services that promise a long list of mental, emotional and physical benefits. It’s not that there are no benefits from yoga or spiritual practices, but rather it is that we have to hold these things lightly so we don’t get strangled by a demand to move away from any negative experience and be filled only with light and love.

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Nirvana Shaktam, sung by Mukti Mani and Sophie

Yoga Nidra with Nick Edge from 'The Kind Heart'

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