Ashram 2019 Bursary Scheme

Information about scheme

Mandala Yoga Ashram is a charity which is reliant on the support of our guests and Friends of the Ashram to function. We have kindly been given specific funding from one generous donor to provide 18 sponsored places in 2019. These places will be offered at minimal cost to encourage those who have never visited the ashram before to dip their toes in the Ashram waters and sample a retreat here.

The offer would suit someone who has been practicing yoga regularly at home or with a local class and is now drawn to going deeper in their practice and experience. This opportunity will give them time to explore what the Ashram teachings can offer to support their individual development. The sponsored places are offered across two different retreats in March and April 2019.

Eleven places are offered on the ‘The Ashram Life Taster’ course which runs on 29th – 31st March. The sponsored places will be at the reduced rate of £50 (usual price £170). This is a broad course led by Nick Edge which will support participants to try a range of yoga practices including hatha (body and breath-based practices), mantra yoga (using sound vibration), karma yoga (practice of acting in the present moment with awareness) as well as experiencing satsang sessions (question and answer to illuminate our understanding).

A further seven places will be offered on ‘Being Still Here & Now’ course which runs from the 4th-7th April. The sponsored places will be at the reduced rate of £70 (usual price £235). This course will be led by Maha Sattwa and will focus on meditation, chanting and the practice of mouna (silence). There will also be opportunities to try other common yoga techniques including yoga nidra (deep relaxation), hatha yoga (movement) and Karma Yoga (practice of acting with present moment awareness).

We are inviting those interested to fill out a short form with their details online here. For more information about the promotion please see the Q&A here [link] and contact the office to discuss further. The closing date is 31st December 2018 and all applicants should be contacted by the middle of January to let them know the results.

Questions and Answers

1. How do I apply?

Simply fill out a short online form with some basic details about yourself and which course you want to be considered. You can access the form here. Then we will contact all applicants to let them know if they are successful.

2. What is the deadline for submissions?

All applications need to be submitted by 00.00 GMT on 31st December 2018.

3. When will I know if I’ve got a place?

Everyone that has applied will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by the middle of January 2019.

4. Why is there a cost attached to sponsored places?

In the interest of fairness, we wish to offer the places to people who are genuinely committed to attending the courses. For this reason, a small cost is needed to secure the place. It is hoped that the sponsorship will encourage you to take the step into the unknown and experience what the ashram has to offer you.

5. Can I go on a different course?/ Can I access sponsored rates for any other courses?

The sponsored places have been allocated to the two courses of ‘The Ashram Life Taster’ and ‘Being Still Here & Now’ courses. No further sponsored places are available at present. If you are a supporter of the Ashram, feel free to contact us to discuss sponsoring future bursary places.

6. What is the selection process?

The Ashram team will review applicants and select appropriate candidates based on those that have a genuine spiritual aspiration and would benefit most from the places. If you are not selected it is not necessarily a reflection on your individual spiritual aspiration but rather with limited spaces, it may not be possible to offer this to everyone. The Ashram’s team’s decisions will be final with no further discussions will be entered into.

7. Why is the ashram offering these places?

A kind donor has given the ashram funding to enable us to offer these reduce price places. The idea is to encourage new people to try the ashram for the first time.

8. Why is it only available to those who have never visited the ashram before?

People are the essential life blood of the Ashram. It is vital for the Ashram to keep engaging with new people. We understand that for those who have never visited a yoga centre (Ashram) like this it can perhaps feel like a daunting task. It is hoped that with the funded places there is an extra incentive to come and experience the Ashram.

Places are not being offered to those who have already visited as they will already have had this experience. We very much value the people that return regularly to the Ashram and hope that it is understood that the sponsorship is being given to those who may benefit from an initial introduction to the Ashram.

9. What can I expect on the courses?

The courses follow a similar timetable and to get a sense of the daily schedule at the Ashram please visit here. Both courses will give you an opportunity to experience a range of yoga practices including hatha yoga (movement), pranayama (breath practices), meditation, chanting and Karma yoga.

10. What will be expected of me if I take a sponsored place?

The Ashram expects those who have applied to have a genuine spiritual aspiration and be intent on taking up the place. We ask that those given the places inform us as soon as possible if they can’t make the course. Other than that, you will be a normal participant on the course with no additional expectations.