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Ashram books

Insight into Reality – the Tantric Teachings of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

Swamiji’s latest book which gives the profound teachings of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra and its insights into Reality. A practical manual of how to bring yoga into our everyday lives, £25. 625 pages.

The Edge of Infinity

This book offers a wide selection of Swamiji’s essays on many topics within the field of yoga and mysticism. Both inspirational and practical. £18. 348 pages.

The Ashram Chants

A comprehensive list of mantras and chants from different world traditions. This book is used in the daily practice in the Ashram. Swamiji also gives a lucid explanation of Mantra Yoga. £20. 158 pages.

The Ashram Cookbook

Inspired by the numerous cooking enthusiasts who come to visit or stay in the Ashram. This book contains a wide selection of typical ashram recipes, including main dishes, starters, deserts etc. and is the Ashram’s current best seller! £15. 134 pages.

The following booklets (20-30 pages) have also been written by Swamiji:

Bhagavad Gita - Its Symbolism and Practical Applications

Bhaja Govindam - Open Your Heart to Reality

Bhakti Yoga - The Yoga of the Heart

The Chakras - Keys to a Quantum Leap in Human Evolution

Ida and Pingala - Symbols of Balance, Integration and Transformation

Karma Yoga - The Yoga of Awareness in Action

Kena Upanishad - To Whom?

Pancha Koshas - The Five Sheaths of the Human Being

Kriya Yoga - A Systematic, Time-tested and Profound Approach to Spiritual Awakening

The Mantra OM - Symbol of Primordial Vibration

Two Yogic Paradigms of Human Nature

All booklets cost £4 plus p & p.

All these books and booklets are available from the Ashram. If you wish to buy, please contact the Ashram office via To make your purchases easier, we are currently developing an online shop.